Initial consultation:

  • Client History (gathering background information on hearing health and assessing current needs)
  • Otoscopy (visual examination of ear canal)
  • Hearing test (basic audiogram, speech-in-noise assessment)
  • Hearing instrument consultation (overview of amplification options and related counseling)


Full-Service Package- Hearing aids and related servicing for 3 years:

  • High-end hearing aid* fitting/orientation (includes three-year repair/loss & damage warranty from manufacturer)
  • Aural Rehabilitation/Tinnitus Counseling
  • 45-day trial period (includes two follow-up visits)
  • Up to five visits annually for clean and checks/troubleshooting/repairs
  • Batteries provided 
  • Loaner hearing aids provided in the event of manufacturer repair/replacement of device

 * to maintain superior sound quality and reliability, we only offer top-of-the-line device models 


A la Carte:

  • Hearing aid accoutrements (i.e. Bluetooth connectivity, battery charger, assistive listening technology)
  • Custom earplugs for swim/noise/music
  • On-site troubleshooting of malfunctioning hearing aids (i.e. for out-of-town visitors) 
  • Cerumen management (ear cleaning)


Insurance Billing 

House Call Hearing is out-of-network for insurance billing.  By providing this service direct and out-of-pocket, we are not limited in time spent or services dictated by insurance companies.  However, clients are encouraged to utilize any available hearing aid insurance benefit.  A detailed invoice can be provided for direct patient reimbursement, based on your insurance’s out-of-network hearing aid coverage.